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There are two very important data points on this page. Be sure to review both before making your purchase.


1. Store Policies

Please be sure to review our store policies, which includes returns and exchanges. All the riveting details can be found here.

2. Product Disclaimer and Release Agreement

Before purchasing any of our products (which includes, but is not limited to, Awning Brackets, Swivel Seat Bases, Door Talons / Holders, Awnings, etc.), the following must be agreed to before the product(s) will be shipped. You will be presented with the acceptance checkbox in the cart / checkout process.

Please be clearly informed that by accepting these terms and conditions, you hereby release, its parent company, and any representatives of this website and / or the companies (referred to going forward as "us" or "we" ) from any and all liabilities associated with the installation and use of any of these product(s).

Awning Brackets:

These awning brackets are custom-made parts designed by van owners to enable users to mount an (up to) 10-foot awning on a vehicle with a PopTop without having to drill holes in the side of the vehicle.

The design uses a leverage and clamping method, and we do not provide any guarantees, at any point in the product's lifespan, for any components and / or parts, for their performance, function, and durability (including cosmetic).

Extremely Important Installation Datapoint:
All vans have a material (typically made of a putty material) that fills in the space between the van's roof and the edge of the rain gutter. There are variations in the depth of the putty, depending on the manufacturer, age of vehicle, etc.

The amount of putty in the areas underneath each bracket clamp is critical in order to provide a secure mounting point for the brackets. What this means is you may have to remove some putty (from under each bracket clamp) in order to expose more of the gutter's vertical lip, thereby resulting in a deeper, tighter clamping surface. This will enable the bracket(s) to clamp tightly to the gutter.

This image illustrates the puttied area and how a bracket can clamp to the gutter.

During the installation process, the bracket's clamping effectiveness needs to be triple-checked for tightness and secureness to the gutter. This testing needs to be conducted first without, and then with, the awning affixed. Be very clear: if some putty is not removed, and the tug tests are not conducted and passed, the awning might fall off due to improper mounting or installation. This could be at the time of install and /or anytime thereafter. This is why we adamantly advise to always check the clamping mechanism before driving the vehicle.

Swivel Seat Bases:
These swivel seat bases are made by the same factory that provides the same product to major RV manufacturers. The installation of the bases requires removing and reinstalling the existing seats. You are responsible for determining the proper fastening torque and installing them in a fashion so all safety systems are fully functional.

In General:
By purchasing any of our products, you accept that we take absolutely no responsibility for any damage, injury, etc. from parts or components failures, at any point during the installation, or during the life of these products, regardless of which vehicle(s) have the products have been installed on.

If you, or anyone else installs or uses these products, the risks and responsibilities are all yours, and you accept these terms with no recourse to us or suppliers.

No orders will be processed, nor will any products be shipped, unless these terms and conditions are accepted during the checkout process.

Install and Use These Products At Your Own Risk!

Thank you for your reading. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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