Fiamma Awnings and Accessories

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We are official Fiamma awning distributors and can get you anything you want from their entire catalog. You can purchase 10-ft / F45S awnings and center rafters below. For any other awning sizes (or additional accessories, please contact us so we can get you what you need.

Since 2018, we've been selling Fiamma awnings through various outlets, so rest assured we have a proven track record as a distributor.

All awnings are shipped directly from the manufacturer, and because the shipping costs are not straightforward (translation: we do what we can to save you money in shipping), it's best if you contact us with your needs and we'll get back to you pronto.

In the meantime, here's some food for your awning considerations:

For Ford Econoline and Chevy Vans:

In our opinion, the model F45s in a 10-foot length is best for these vehicles because:

  • It looks the best proportion-wise on these vans, regardless of regular or extended bodies
  • Our awning brackets, which are the only way you can hang an awning off a PopTop, are designed only for awnings 10 feet or shorter


For All Other Vehicles:
  • Awnings cases (exterior) are available in either Black, White, or Titanium (Silver)
  • All Fiamma awnings, regardless of style or length, are available only in ONE fabric pattern and color (see first image, though the color looks much darker than it is)
  • Black looks great on any color vehicle
  • White looks good on white vehicles
  • Titanium looks great on silver vehicles


Keeping Your Awning Tensioned:

Why is this important? Because a tensioned awning eliminates water pooling and noisy flapping caused by wind. In order to achieve this, you'll need to also purchase Fiamma's "Center Rafter" with your awning. This tensioner also works with other awning brands!

  • For F45s, F65s and F80s and other non-Fiamma awnings
  • Made of aluminum
  • Adjusts from 56" to 104" (142-265 cm)
  • Extends out up to 8' (250 cm)
  • Suitable for all box awnings
  • Includes special wall clips for handy storage inside your rig
  • Includes rubber ends if installing on other awning brands


How to Anchor Your Awning

Never extend your awning in windy conditions unless you have it properly anchored down. The best way is by using Fiamma's Anchoring / Tie Down S system.

This strap kit enables a solid anchoring of the awning to the ground. Fits into the awning guide (of F45s/L, F65s/L, F35 Pro or Caravanstore) or the side clip of the Privacy-Room.

  • Composed of:
  • Two adjustable strapping bands (300 cm), in black or yellow
  • Two stakes and two tension springs
  • Two frontal hooks (for F45, F65 with double guide on the lead bar or Caravanstore / F35)
  • The version "Tie Down S Caravanstore" fits into the leg of the Caravanstore / F35 Pro awning.


Important notes about shipping:

  • All awnings and accessories are shipped directly by Fiamma.
  • The shipping price for all awnings shipping within the Continental US is calculated based on a Verifiable Commercial Business Address. The shipping method is by Common Carrier LTL (by truck), except for Alaska and Hawaii (see below). If you are using a UPS store or other mail service as a commercial address, it's best to confirm they accept a shipment via LTL (truck) so it doesn't get rejected upon delivery.
  • For all awning shipments to residential addresses, an additional $85 charge needs to be added as a delivery surcharge. Thus, please add the Residential Surcharge item to your cart so this fee can be paid. If this is not done at the time of purchase, a separate invoice for $100 ($85 + $15 administration fee) will be sent separately and needs to be paid before your awning is shipped.
  • Shipping prices to Alaska and Hawaii cannot be calculated by the website and need to be quoted by Fiamma (shipping price of $.01 per product is a place-holder only). Please contact us for shipping quotes to these two states. If you wish, you can purchase now without the quote, and we will send an invoice with the shipping charges once we receive the quote from Fiamma.
  • For all international shipments, please contact us for shipping quotes.
  • Accessories can be purchased any time and will ship from Fiamma via UPS or FedEx. If purchased separately from an awning order, the unit cost is higher as shipping is included in the price. Again, shipping to Alaska and Hawaii cannot be calculated by the website for any accessories.
  • Tensioner / Center Rafter and Anchor kit prices, when purchased separate from an awning, includes shipping to anywhere in the continental US.

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** MUST READ For ALL International Shipments **

You will be charged exorbitant brokerage fees unless you… (click for more info).

Please, please be sure to consult the UPS or USPS website to understand how you can minimize paying exorbitant broker fees (for which we have no control). Each country has different rules, so research accordingly.

Some customers are being charged a whopping 50%😱 of the purchase price in brokerage fees, which are automatically charged by UPS or USPS unless other action is taken by the recipient before the goods are sent by us.

Be advised your package(s) will not be delivered by the carrier until the fees are paid, in total, at the time of delivery. In case you're wondering, we cannot lower the value of the goods.

Before we ship, you will need to inform us of your brokerage firm so we can input that information on the shipping label. If no brokerage information is provided, UPS or USPS will act as the broker, and they charge significantly higher fees than other brokers or if you clear it yourself.

Some excellent information for how to self-clear UPS shipments to Canada can be found here.


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