Fiamma Awnings

Costs are Variable

We are official Fiamma awning distributors and can get you anything you need from their entire catalog.

    We've been selling Fiamma awnings for the last six years through various outlets, so rest assured we have a proven track record as a distributor.

    All awnings are shipped directly from the manufacturer, and because the shipping costs are not straightforward (translation: we do what we can to save you money in shipping), it's best if you contact us with your needs and we'll get back to you pronto.

    In the meantime, here's some food for your awning considerations:

    For Econoline and Chevy Vans:

    In our opinion, the model F45s in a 10-foot length is best for these vehicles because:

    • It looks the best proportion-wise on these vans, regardless of regular or extended bodies
    • Our awning brackets, which are the only way you can hang an awning off a PopTop, are designed only for awnings 10 feet or shorter

    For Any vehicles:

    • Awnings cases (exterior) are available in either Black, White, or Titanium (Silver)
    • All Fiamma awnings, regardless of style or length, are available only in one fabric pattern and color (see first image, though the color looks much darker than it is)
    • Black looks great on any color vehicle
    • White looks good on white vehicles
    • Titanium looks great on silver vehicles

    Please describe below what you are exploring. Please include:

    • What Rig Do You Have?
    • Desired Awning Length / Other Needs (spare parts / accessories)
    • Shipping zip code
    • Is it a residential or commercial location?
    • Best times and days to talk

    I look forward to connecting with you!


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