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  1. Some of our products are made by some of our friends / fellow Sportsmobile Forum members.👍🏼👏🏼
  2. Just don't look in our garage!!! 😱 But then again, we do so much of our own mods and fixes that we need tools, baby, tools!
  3. If the link doesn't work, go to the Forum, and in the nav bar, find "search" and search by member (1der).


We're Beastie's Mommy and Daddy, aka 1derGirl and 1der.

We wake up every day with tremendous gratitude and humbleness for the incredibly blessed life we have, and we definitely do not take any of it for granted.

We built this site with two goals in mind:

1. To bring trusted, tried and true products[1] — great quality, highly functional and very practical — to owners of all kinds of rigs (vans, campers, Jeeps, trailers, etc.).

2. To be authentic story-tellers about our adventures and experiences. Our blog posts are written as if we are sitting with you, by a campfire, telling a story. So much of our writing is focused on one key reader: MomJ, 1der's Mom and my awesome, most beloved mother-in-law. She LOVES to read about our journeys, and when I (1derGirl) sit down to write, I pretend she's sitting next to me, taking in every word and marveling in all of the magic that happens when we're on the road. These blogs are for you, MomJ!!! ❤️

(As an "exposed" footnote (versus the footnotes in the blue bubble with dots that scream "Click me! I'm a footnote."), I will say there is actually one other key reader(s): us! The detail is there so when we're too old to remember everything about our adventurous life, we can read this blog and say, "OMG, this was us???" 🤣)

Beastie is our rig / son, and we've spent a lot of time in him on many awesome journeys. He attracts attention wherever we go. He has fanboys. And fangirls. He stops people in their tracks. We've witnessed hard-core biker dudes stop mid-sentence, stare, point and drool over him.

He's a big, rugged boy: a 2002 E350 7.3L diesel cargo van with an Agile Off-Road TTB 4x4 conversion. John and his crew do a great job, and we sure miss you, Ramsey...

Beastie has a Colorado Camper Van (CCV) high-height pop-top, which serves as our penthouse suite / sleeping quarters. Many of Beastie's "accoutrements," including the plumbing, heating, solar / electrical systems, came from 1der's home-built efforts.

Beastie in Jackson Hole, WY.Beastie in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

1der is the mechanical genius when it comes to Beastie. He has designed and installed so many of his systems:

(🚐  insert huge list here 🚐)

We love meeting people and making new friends at home and when we're on the road. There is definitely a certain mentality and disposition about vagabonds like us — chilled and laid back, make do with less[2], revere and respect the land. We also clearly share a love of adventure and spontaneity. Hopefully, we'll have a chance to meet up with you one of these days soon.

You can learn a whole lot more about Beastie and 1der by reading more here and searching his posts / handle on the Sportsmobile Forum.[3]

BTW, 1der stands for wondering, as in contemplating and always learning; same applies to the Girl, who created this site, which is dedicated to her Daddy. You can learn more about her by reading all the blog posts.

May the winds take you to all where you dream and more.

Go forth with peace and love,

1derGirl and 1der

Welcome to Bling My Rig!

We are so excited to share with you our stories, tutorials, tips and products. We launched this site in March 2021, and we so appreciate all the support and positive feedback on the site.

We are adding more products and writing about our rig modifications and adventures, so please sign up to be notified of anything new. Rest assured we never sell your information. Ever.

Thank you for visiting!

1derGirl and 1der