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Swivel Seat Bases

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Please Carefully Read All Information Before Purchasing.


Please also note there is a disclaimer to this product, which must be agreed to (during the checkout process) before this product can be purchased. Thank you for reading the disclaimer here.

How to Purchase

These seat bases are only for OEM, non-powered Ford E-Series Vans, Cut-Aways and Class B RV's, etc. from 1997 to current . These bases also work with Scheel Mann seats if their adapter — available on their website — is used. See seat base product details below.

For Ford Rigs 1996 and Older:

Unfortunately, we cannot promote utilizing our seat bases for any rigs 1996 and prior because our bases will **not** work on these model years, period. Furthermore, the bases are crash-test certified **only** for model years 1997 and newer.


For Rigs with Power Seats:

Unfortunately, we cannot promote utilizing our seat bases for any rigs with power seats. This is because a) there is no adapter plate to mount any power seats to our bases, and b) most importantly, our bases are not crash-test certified for any vehicle with a power seat. Our bases will **not** work on power seats.


Because these bases are made-to-order, they are only available through pre-paid purchases. If you wish to proceed, add the unit(s) to the cart below and check out through the normal process; estimated shipping dates are listed in the item selection drop-down.

If we happen to have units in stock, you will see (below) the actual inventory count and "ready to ship" (vs. back-ordered), and you can purchase through the normal checkout process. We will ship within a few days of purchase.

Lastly, since 2014, we have been selling these seat bases through the Sportsmobile Forum, Expedition Portal, etc. We hope this makes sense and isn't too confusing! If this has left you scratching your head, please reach out with questions.

Thank you!

Product Description

Within seconds, you can have an instant "living room" or office in your rig (including cutaways) or motor home when you rotate your passenger and / or driver's seat with the swivel seat base.

These seat bases easily and quickly enable you to rotate the front seats by up to 180 degrees, thereby converting what would normally be a "dead" area (the fixed seats facing forward) into valuable, comfortable, living / usable space.

As we, at BlingMyRig, have experienced, these are a game changer, and we hear this all the time from our customers and fellow van enthusiasts.

Swivel Seat Bases:

  • Made to order in the USA
  • Composed of powder-coated steel
  • Fits both stock driver and passenger non-powered seats, including Scheel Mann (requires adapter available on their website)
  • Driver's side clears nearly every conversions' Transfer Case Shifter
  • Easy installation — no drilling or special tools required
  • Takes about an hour per seat to install
  • Prices do not include shipping, which is based on 33lbs per base; shipping prices are automatically calculated based on your address.

Inventory status as of May 31, 2023:


PASSENGER BASES - out of stock until approx. June 10.  We will begin shipping back orders approximately 5 days after that date. 

DRIVER BASES - Limited quantity with more expected around June 10.

Keep in mind though, the bases typically sell out pretty quickly, so if you're sitting on the fence about purchasing, you might want to purchase the base you want right away.

Please reach out with questions. Thank you!

$ 215.00 USD

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