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Stay-Put Insect Bug Screens

from $ 120.00 USD

Pricing starts at $120 for replacement mesh panels. Learn more about our full systems!

There's a lot of information covered in this description; hopefully it answers all your questions!

These screens are for E-Series Ford Econoline Vans from 1992 to 2014.

  • Side-door screens only fit E-Series vans with Barn Doors (will not work on sliding doors)
  • Rear Door Screens fit all E- Series vans

What's So Special About These Screens?

No more "open house" for bugs when you arrive at your destination, leave the doors open, close up and settle in for the night, etc.

Nothing is worse than having flies, mosquitos, moths, etc. in your rig, right? It's thee worst when someone (can we say 1derGirl?) is highly allergic to mosquito bites, or when anyone gets bit / eaten up or annoyed by bugs.

There are many screens already on the market. So what makes our different? Let us count the ways...

Our screens stay in place, even when the doors are closed (click for more info).

What a novel concept!!! Other screens on the market never made sense to us: how do you keep bugs out of your rig when you have to leave the door wide open to either put on or take off the screens, especially in the evening, when the mosquitos are hangry. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♂️

Need the side entry to be wide-open to load things in and out, or store the screens when not in use? (click for more info)

No worries! For the side doors, simply unzip the sides, roll 'em up and lash to the top. Note: rear screens do not roll up as it’s easy to push them out of the way.

Added benefit: no need to find a place to store them when not in use. When you want to engage them, simply unroll and zip 'em back down.

Our screens tightly fit the contours of the Econoline side (bar doors only) and rear door frames (click for more info).

The screens are designed to fit super snug in the door frames. They feature a split, large overlapping middle, enabling you to quickly and easily enter or exit, or reach in and grab something. It's all hand's free, baby!

The screens also accommodate window trims and door galleys (need to partially unzip size), and they can be used and left in place even when the doors are closed!

Our screens are environmentally friendly (click for more info).

The frame of the screens is made from brand new, cut-off material used to make Colorado Camper Van (CCV) PopTops. Normally, this cut-off material is discarded in the trash. It's really nice and extremely high-quality, so we're rescuing it from the landfill and using it for the screens.

The mesh is detachable and can be easily changed out or replaced on-the-fly (click for more info).

Every screen we've seen needs to be trashed if there is a hole. Not ours! Simply detach the mesh from the frame and press on the replacement (see images). Easy peasy.

About the Mesh (including No-See-Ums).

Our screens feature excellent quality, industry-standard fiberglass mesh made from glass yarns coated with a protective vinyl for durability, flexibility, and to reduce rust, corrosion, and staining.

Heading to "no-see-um" land? No problem!

Select from:

  • 18 x 14 weave mesh. This mesh size is used for screen doors and uses a larger-diameter fiber, which means it's stronger, more durable, and spans larger openings than window screen mesh.
  • 20 x 20 tightly woven "no-see-um" mesh. Do note 20x20 mesh reduces air circulation and light.
All mesh is interchangeable by swapping out the mesh panels (see images).

Product Specs

Stay-Put Insect Screens

  • How much is your comfort and protection worth? Only you can decide.
  • Affixes to door frame with hook and loop (think Velcro) system; no drilling required for sides; rear may require drilling based on interior configuration.
  • Please note: there is no product or solution that will keep all bugs out of your rig. An occasional bug will get in, even with these screens. That's just how it goes in life.
  • Frames are a light grey color, made from brand new, super durable marine-grade fabric that resists water, cracking, fading, mildew, rot, and UV rays. Again, this is the same fabric used to make CCV PopTops.
  • Sewn with heavy-duty, UV-resistant thread
  • Includes full installation kits and instructional video
  • Screens designed by 1derGirl and hand-crafted

How To Purchase - Please Read

These screens are made-to-order and only available through pre-paid purchases. To proceed, add the unit(s) to the cart below and check out through the normal process. See approximate delivery dates in the drop-down menus.

If we happen to have units in stock, you will see "ready to ship" (vs. backordered), and you can purchase through the normal checkout process. We will ship within 10 days of purchase so we can put the final touches on your screens.

We hope this makes sense and isn't too confusing. If this has left you scratching your head (or your mosquito bites 😆), please reach out with questions.

Thank you!

*** Important Notes ***

  • To reiterate, there is no product or solution that will keep all bugs out of your rig. An occasional bug will get in, even with these screens. That's just how it goes in life (we've encountered some extremely determined bugs!).
  • Because of the nature of the fabric, there are puckers along the stitch lines, which you can clearly see in the photos. Unfortunately, this cannot be avoided.
  • If you are purchasing the rear screens, in the comments during checkout, please be sure to describe the interior configuration so we can tailor the installation kit to your needs.

You may be thinking, "Wow, these are expensive!" Please know they are priced very reasonably based on how expensive and labor intensive it is to make them, as well as everything related to designing, producing, and bringing this very unique solution to you and the van community.

You can certainly get waaaay cheaper screens, but there truly are no comparisons (at least from what we have seen) with regards to construction, quality, functionality, and sustainability. These screens are designed and made with materials to withstand wear and tear in a variety of environments, and last for years and years. If the mesh gets a hole, no problem; the removable mesh panels can be easily and reasonably replaced without trashing the frame.

We strongly encourage you to compare our screens to the competition. Of course, IOHO, there is no comparison. You be the judge.

$ 995.00 USD

Please note: these screens will not ship until approximately 5/25/24 as production will not resume until early May. Thank you for your patience, and we hope you can wait for us!

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