How to Install Swivel Seat Bases


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Please Carefully Read All Information Before Proceeding.

These seat bases, while easy to install, require very careful attention to some critical details which must be employed. Failure to do so may result in unsafe seating, disabled seat belt sensor(s), and electrical shock. If this happens, safety can be endangered, and this is all on you / the installer as per your acceptance of our Product Disclaimer and Release Agreement at the time of purchase (required before completing the checkout process). Be sure to review the agreement before installing ( link).

If you do not want to install a seat base (especially after watching the video), you can return them (in brand new condition) for a full refund of the product price. Shipping charges will not be refunded, and return shipping is the buyer's responsiblity. Contact us to initiate the return and refund.


There are three sections to this installation page:
The time required to each seat base is about one hour. All aspects of the installation can be done by one person.

  1. Tools List
  2. Video: Installation tutorial (link below).  There are no written instructions, so the video needs to be watched prior to beginning the installation process.
  3. Timecodes - navigation points in the video to help you after you've watched the entire video and before you start the installation. Note that on the video's playback page, links to the specific timecode are listed in the description box.

Section 1 - Tools List

  • Torx 55 Driver or 55 plus (ideal)
  • Breaker bar
  • 1/2” socket driver (racket)
  • 18mm socket (shallow or regular)
  • 15mm socket (may need deep)
  • 15mm wrench
  • Flathead screw driver
  • Small screwdriver (see video)
  • Dykes (optional)
  • Anti-Seize lubricant
  • Pick (see video)
  • Two Sharpie markers - black and red


  • Firm brush for brushing off threads
  • WD-40 or lubricant spray


Section 2 - Video Tutorial

Be sure to watch the video (best in full frame) before starting the installation process. Although video is in two parts (passenger and driver), we strongly recommend watching the entire video as there are elements in each part that pertain to both sides.

After the initial viewing, see the timecodes (below) for specific reference points in the video.


BlingMyRig - Swivel Seat Base Installation Video

Video will open in a separate YouTube page 


Section 3 - Timecodes

Detailed markers are listed so that while installing, if a step needs to be replayed or revisited, it can easily be located.

Note: these timecodes are linked in the YouTube video player's description box.

  • 02:11 Required Tools and Supplies
  • 07:23 Anatomy of the Seat Bases
  • 07:51 Orientation of the Bases
  • 09:16 Swivel Direction
  • 10:40 Passenger Side Starting Point
  • 13:29 The Definitive Video
  • 16:50 Removing Seat and Pedestal
  • 19:10 Removing Front Torx 55 Bolts
  • 20:07 Torx 55 Detail
  • 21:01 Passenger Seat Connector Disconnected
  • 22:16 Removing the Slides and Pedestal
  • 23:00 Slides Out of Place
  • 23:43 Connector Wire Placement Explanation
  • 24:19 Cutting Out the Carpet
  • 24:39 Driver's Side Carpet Detail
  • 24:54 Pulling Out the Wire
  • 25:15 Placing the Swivel Base
  • 33:28 Installing Bolts and Anti Seize
  • 34:32 If Not Enough Threads...
  • 36:19 Wires - Explanation
  • 37:40 Removing Wires from Connector
  • 41:27 Securing Seat to Pedestal
  • 42:49 Reinstalling Wires into Connector
  • 44:43 Connector Tang Not Up
  • 45:55 Swiveling Seat
  • 47:55 Part II - Driver's Side
  • 48:19 Removing Driver's Torques 55 Bolts
  • 49:51 Removing Seat From Pedestal
  • 50:14 Driver's Side Wire
  • 51:28 Freeze for Wire Reference
  • 51:34 Resume Driver's Connector
  • 51:50 Driver's Side Carpet
  • 54:55 Driver's Side Connector
  • 55:20 Attaching Base to Frame
  • 58:03 Securing Driver's Seat to Base
  • 1:01:58 Reconnecting Wires
  • 1:03:39 Testing the Wire Connections

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