How to Install Awning Brackets


Welcome to the Installation Guide for the Awning / "Z" Brackets

Please Carefully Read All Information Before Proceeding.

If you have an awning that is not made by Fiama (even though it may look just like a Fiama), many extra modifications, which are not covered in our installation instructions / video, are required. As these brackets are made ONLY for Fiama awnings, we cannot provide any support or assistance in the installation process beyond what our standard instructions / video tutorial covers. We appreciate your understanding and acceptance of these limitations. Thank you.

These brackets, while easy to install, require very careful attention to some critical details which must be employed. Failure to do so may result in the awning coming off the brackets, or the brackets coming off the van. If this happens, both the awning and the vehicle can be damaged, and this is all on you / the installer as per your acceptance of our Product Disclaimer and Release Agreement (link) at the time of purchase (required before completing the checkout process). Be sure to see the legalese portion of the written instructions before installing.

If you do not want to install these brackets (especially after watching the video), you can return them (in brand new condition) for a full refund, minus $15 for the initial shipping fee. Contact us to initiate the return and refund.


The time required to install the brackets and awning is about two to three hours. All aspects of the installation can be done by one person, except for placing the awning over the brackets. A second person is required for this step.

There are four sections to this installation page:

  1. Tools List
  2. Download link for written instructions
  3. Video: Installation tutorial (below). Even after watching the tutorial, the written instructions still need to be read / followed as they go step-by-step and cover some things not included in the video.
  4. Timecodes - navigation points in the video to help you after you've watched the entire video and before you start the installation.


Section 1 - Tools List

  • Two six-foot ladders
  • Three 5/16”-18 regular nuts for dry-fitting (not included)
  • 3/16” Allen wrench
  • 5/32” or 3/16” drill bit - sharp for cutting steel
  • 1/2” deep socket or wrench
  • Phillips screwdriver - stubby
  • 9mm or 11/32” socket or wrench
  • Sharp chisel - small
  • Utility knife
  • Smallest can of POR-15 or other high-quality rust prevention enamel paint in black gloss
  • Silicone for sealing, if required
  • Pencil or Marker
If bending the brackets is required:

  • Bench-mounted vice with soft jaws
  • Mechanic’s wrench


Section 2 - Written Instructions (PDF Download)

The written instructions go hand-in-hand with the video tutorial. It is imperative to watch the video in its entirety as there are some nuances not covered in detail in the written instructions.

Please don't just rely on the video as there are things covered in the written instructions that are not included in the video.

Download PDF here.


Section 3 - Video Tutorial

Be sure to watch the video (best in full frame) before starting the installation process. After the initial viewing, see the timecodes (below) for specific reference points in the video. Also consult the written instructions during the installation process.


Section 4 - Timecodes

  • Front Bracket Placement (0' 44")
  • Bending the Bracket (3' 10")
  • Determining Putty Depth (3' 47")
  • Removing Putty (6' 31")
  • Test Fitting Bracket After Putty Removal (7' 45")
  • Bracket Not Making Contact (8' 13")
  • Determining Putty Depth Revisited (11' 52")
  • Second Bracket Position (14' 35”)
  • Reversed Back Plate (16' 32")
  • Differences in Hole Position (17' 56")
  • Brand New Installation / No Pre-Drilled Holes (20' 49")
  • Vertical Alignment (23' 13")
  • Fitting: CCV vs Sportsmobile PopTops (24' 58")
  • Tightening Guidelines (28' 27")
  • Checking before taking trips (29' 34")
  • Double Checking Door Clearance (30’ 17”)
  • Placing Awning on the Brackets (32' 00")
  • Securing Awning to the Brackets (32' 18")
  • Drilling the Awning Casing (32' 54")
  • Screwhead Direction (33' 10")
  • Enlarging the hole (33' 37")
  • Final Check (34' 04")

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