Removing Spy Ski Helmet Ear Pads

21 January 2021 by 1der Girl

Spy helmet from Costco with removeable ear pads

Hi there!

1derGirl here.

Did you buy the "Spy Sender Snow Helmet with MIPS Safety System" at Costco, only to be dismayed that the "removable" ear pads / ear covers / ear muffs are not removable at all, no matter how hard you pull?

Well, that was me, and I was on the brink of returning the ski / snowboarding helmet before 1der and I figured out how to remove the ear covers. I'm super happy we figured it out, because it's a really nice helmet, and I like it a lot! Maybe this works for other models of Spy helmets. I wouldn't know, since I only bought the one from Costco (the "Sender" model).

A quick, bullet point review:

1. MIPS rated, which means industry-standard protection for your brain.

2. Very comfortable, with lots of padding.

Helmet Interior - lots of padding!

3. Very adjustable, with a racheting system in the back (like a bike helmet) that secures the helmet to your melon and enables a more customizable fit.

Rachet system in back

4. Has an adjustable slider on top, which opens or closes five vents on top. The front vents always remain open, which, in theory, means you'll always have ventilation above your glasses or goggles to minimize fogging.

Sliding vent opener

Adjustable vent holes

5. Looks really good on the noggin, except for the Princess Leah look with the giant (thankfully removable!) ear pads / ear muffs. The flip side to these thick pads is you'll be loving them on a really cold or snowy day.

6. Nice, tight slot in the back to securely hold goggles. On a side note, at first, I didn't think the helmet would enable me to rest the goggles on the forehead area when not in use. I had to really stretch the goggles, and they stayed up.

Good goggle strap

7. The only thing I didn't like about it was I couldn't remove the ear pads, even though all the literature said they are removable. I was going to return it, but then we figured out how to make them removable!

Spy ski helmet from Costco - ear pads removed!

Check out this video before before breaking 😱 or returning the helmet, and you'll see how easy it is to remove the ear pads, as well as replace them with something less bulky and more comfortable. Happy Viewing!

P.S. To Costco and Spy Helmets: You're welcome!!!


How to Remove the Spy Helmet Ear Pads

1der Girl
1der Girl


3 Responses


July 12, 2023

Hi Garrett: Thank you for reading the post and commenting. This is exactly why I wanted to share our findings as I was afraid I was going to break mine too, if I kept pulling. Sorry you didn’t see this post earlier. Perhaps Spy should start selling replacement ear pads. Then I’ll need to do a video on how to get the broken piece(s) out of the channel… 😎 Thanks again for tuning in. 1derGirl


July 11, 2023

Broke mine, wish I could find replacement parts


March 18, 2023

Just a quick note to THANK YOU for documenting how to remove these ear pads. We love these helmets, but we were afraid to try and yank the ear pads out. No clue why Spy (or Costco) doesn’t include instructions directing how to do this! Thanks again!!

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