The Interlodge Aftermath

16 February 2020 by 1der Girl

  1. In 2017, I was skiing alone after 1der's boot explosion, and met Shrekkie. Since then, we have become good friends with him and his wife Cathy. Even though the long saga of the boot explosion happened, I'm grateful for the great people I've met skiing alone. I highly recommend it!

Alta / Snowbird
February 10 - 16

As always, the skiing at Alta was fantastic. We spent most of our time off the Supreme chair skiing the bowls and through the trees. LOVE skiing the trees at Alta. The snow was great from the recent dump.

I LOVE skiing through the trees, and there's this fun little area that takes you through the area where the houses are actually on the ski mountain. Yellow Bear beckons me every time.

Remember the 52-hour Interlodge I mentioned in my last post? Well here are some images from cars buried in that storm. I'm guessing some of these cars are rentals that were just abandoned by their renters. I don't want to know what are the penalties / costs (to the renters) to get the cars dug out and, assuming they could start, returned to their drop-off locations.

Luckily, the canyon was re-opened Monday, the day we wanted to hit Alta, but was still not possible to get through a stretch of the road. We had to detour through the "town" of Alta (yes, there is the town of Alta...)

Do you think there's a car underneath the snow in front of the sign? Pic taken on Monday, 2/10.
So if you called in sick, guess you can't talk about your car getting buried at Alta... In all seriousness, I really feel for this person. Hope their (or the rental agency's) car isn't wrecked...(pic also taken on Monday, 2/10)
Yikes. If a car wasn't shoveled out at this point, the situation will be even worse. The snow gets heavier; water will be everywhere. Hopefully everyone has good car insurance. (pic taken 2/11)

We want to again express our many thanks to our friends and fellow forum members, Jared and Dana, for letting us park / camp out in their driveway during our stay in the SLC area. It was great to see them after a two-year stretch, and we especially enjoyed our time with Dana and getting to know her better. 👍🏼

For me, Alta is a place for connections[1].This time, the connection came when I was once again skiing alone (1der wasn't feel'n it that day. Can you tell who's the bigger ski bum in this family?). I randomly got on the chair with a mother (W) and daughter (J) team. When I told them where I lived, J lit up. "I really want to study at the San Francisco Baking Institute because I'm a sourdough bread baker!" Well that did it. Now she was talking my language. We spent the remainder of the ride talking about SD bread making, and I did not want to torture her too much when I said I can be at SFBI in 20 - 25 minutes from my house...

We all met a few days later to celebrate J's 21st birthday. What an honor it was that she wanted to spend her birthday with us! We compared bread porn 😆, and J is one talented baker. 1der and I are so impressed these women, and we look forward to following J's endeavors.

Because of the weather, we skied only four out of our five days at Alta. But that's okay - we will use this, and our two remaining days at Deer Valley, on our return trip home. It's a perfect excuse to swing back this way to eat at our new favorite burger joint anywhere (Salt City Burger), and see our old and new friends. Luckily, Alta never disappoints.

*Be sure to check out Salt City Burger when you're in Sandy. They make fantastic burgers that include an amazing DIY selection of sauces and condiments. And can you say all-you-can-eat fries made to order? We had a very nice chat with the owner, who is a Bay Area native. We also enjoyed chatting with the dishwasher, a really nice man who's friends with the owners and is helping them out. His real job is working at Frito Lay. It was fun talking about Flamin' Cheetos, which for the record, neither 1der nor I have ever eaten, so we don't understand the craze.

1der Girl
1der Girl


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