A Sad Reality Check

19 March 2020 by 1der Girl

I put this post in my "favorites" category, not because it's a favorite, but because I didn't want this buried amongst all the other posts. I want readers to know what kind of stuff can happen while on the road, when we're outside the bubble of like-minded people.

More importantly, it's so incredibly sad to think about what's happened since the day of this post: March 19, 2020. Just how many lives have been lost due to complete disregard for others? How many people are suffering, at incomprehensible and reprehensible levels, due to the same shameful behavior, attitudes and actions of people just like the ones you'll read about below?

Where are the people, who are the subjects of this post, now, and how are they conducting themselves??? Have they changed their ways, their thinking, their cruelty? One can only hope...


Well it finally happened — today the bubble was busted.

We have been blissfully “isolated” from the world as the chaos with the Coronavirus has been unfolding like an unexpected eruption of Krakatoa. We ended up here in Yellowstone by a stroke of awesome luck, and we have been grateful to be away from it all. As 1der said tonight, he feels like we are watching Mad Max via the news. But most regrettably, this is not a movie.

Unfortunately, the only bathroom open at the campground is the one right next to the road, so it’s used by the “public.” When we pulled up today around noon, another car was there and two 40-something women got out and followed me into the bathroom. This was only the second time in six days that I have been in an enclosed space with someone other than 1der. Before now, no one has been even remotely near this bathroom when we've used it; this is how sparsely populated it is here.

Since the bathroom is small and I am practicing social distancing, I immediately stepped out and waited for them to finish. As I was standing outside the door, they started talking about me in a mocking voice. “I guess she was scared of us so she left. Ha ha.”

When they came out, they were surprised to see me. As they passed, I politely said, “it’s called social distancing.” They both whipped around, and one of them glared at me, and loudly, aggressively and very nastily said, “REALLY??? Oh FUUUCK IT.” They turned and walked away.

At that moment, an older woman arrived and asked if the bathroom was occupied. I explained it wasn’t and that I was politely giving those two women their space and how I was treated. I got emotional and teared up I was so angry. I told her this country is so messed up, so completely polarized, and with this virus, there is so much anti-Asian sentiment now, to the point that innocent people (women!) are getting beat up or punched in the face simply because they’re Asian. I told her about the looks I was getting from people while I was shopping in Bozeman (which is where she was from), and I said if she hears people call the Coronavirus the "Chinese virus," to please point out that it’s this type of language that incites violence and vitriol.

I was blown away at the first women’s rudeness and seemingly lack of seriousness around the situation. One would assume others would greatly appreciate what I did. But based on her actions, I’m assuming she thinks this is a hoax or, just like some politicians and celebrities, she is not being respectful or responsible to protect herself and others.

Immediately after talking with the older woman, one of the men that was with first women got out of the car and started mock coughing really loudly and repeatedly in the direction of the bathroom. What kind of people do that? What is their mindset? What source of information / news are they seeking / consuming, who are they believing, and what else are they doing in their lives that is so disrespectful, irresponsible and idiotic? And what if he actually does have the coronavirus or something else — he is a bioterrorist in my book, and I hope beyond hope none of them have kids.

I can only imagine the words that were being said about me and my ethnicity as they continued on their day. The situation made me absolutely livid: there are millions and millions of people in this country who think and act like them, believe what they’re told, and are highly influenced by others spewing poison. The most dangerous and deadly things in the world, at any point in time, are not viruses. They are willful ignorance and stupidity.

Later in the day, 1der met two Rangers and told them what happened. They were absolutely disgusted and said, “On behalf of Yellowstone National Park, we apologize to your wife for what happened. And if you see them or can identify the car, please report it to a Ranger so we can handle it.” Unfortunately, we didn’t get a license, though we did look for the car around the areas we were in, but were not successful.

How sad that these wonderful Rangers had to apologize for those lowlifes. All I have to say is “Karma’s a bitch…”

3/25 Update:

I hope the moronic imbiciles who did this now feel shame. If not, and they continue to conduct themselves in the same manner, they need to read about George Falcone.

1der Girl
1der Girl


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