Hi!  We’re 1der and 1derGirl, also known as Beastie’s Mommy and Daddy.

Beastie is our rig / son.  He attracts attention wherever we go. He has fanboys. And fangirls. He stops people in their tracks. We have witnessed hard-core biker dudes stop mid-sentence, stare, point and drool over him.

Beastie’s a big boy: a 2002 E350 7.3L diesel cargo van with an Agile Off-Road TTB 4×4 conversion. We sure miss you, Ramsey…

Beastie’s got a Colorado Camper Van (CCV) mid-height pop-top, which serves as our penthouse suite / sleeping quarters. The cool utility box in the back is a 1der co-design venture with Mikey of Extreme Fab. The front and rear bumpers are made by Aluminess, and the awning is made by Fiamma. All the rest of Beastie’s accoutrements came from our home-built efforts!

1der is the mechanical genius when it comes to Beastie.  He has designed and installed so many of his systems:

(insert huge list here!)

You can read a whole lot more about Beastie and 1der by searching his posts / handle on the Sportsmobile Forum.

BTW, 1der stands for wondering, as in contemplating and always learning; same applies to the Girl.

Hope you enjoy our blog and following our adventures!



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